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New Museum to Focus on Science and Historicity of Bible

Book of Isaiah

Ancient Biblical Scroll


I applaud the guy who started Hobby Lobby who is creating a museum to house his stunning collection of historical codecs, books, and manuscripts relating to the Bible. A quote from Scott Carroll, director of the collection and research professor of manuscript studies at Baylor University in Waco, Texas:

“Think of the great new science museums that take you inside how things work or the Folger Library‘s public and scholarly center for Shakespeare. This will be our approach to the Bible. It’s a museum, not a ministry.”

Perhaps atheists could use their self-vaunted capacity to reason and begin to include the Bible in their worldview as the most powerful force for the  advancement of civilization the world has ever seen. Next step after that is to critically examine its historicity, prophetic references, and other unique attributes for telltale evidence of divinity amidst the all-too-obvious humanity. It’s not difficult to find if you approach it thoughtfully and without prejudice and spend at least a few months examining possibilities.

Too often, the study of the Bible (or any sacred text) ends when the researcher finds a flaw and immediately moves to “Aha! the Bible is flawed so it couldn’t be God’s word, so God doesn’t exist!”

I take it for granted the Bible is a human work, and instead marvel at what an amazing collection it is, written not by God, but by men (prophets) who had the faith necessary to discover God and reveal their discoveries through an inspired process that nonetheless left their humanity and imperfections intact in the work that has the voiceprint of God but was not dictated by God.

The Bible is a miracle that too many take for granted.


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