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Donald Duck and Intelligent Design


I have to wonder what an atheist thinks when watching this simple video where Donald learns about all of the “accidental” relationships in nature. I can’t even imagine trying to reconcile all of these mathematical interrelationships in nature with the idea that evolution somehow allowed for the “accidental” emergence of organization, beauty, and harmony from disorganization and chaos. Even existence itself begs the question of where all of these laws of nature came from in the first place.

When atheists point to the harmonic beauty that exists seemingly spontaneously in nature, they often cite natural law as being at the root of all this “random” organization (yes, I get the irony).

Us believers, whether theists or deists, on the other hand, need no such begging-the-question intellectual contortions to explain existence in all its natural beauty and awesome mystery. We embrace the mystery by accepting the existence of an intelligence immeasurably greater than our own.

Personally, I think atheism is simply a singularly arrogant form of pride – the presumption of superiority over those who accept by faith that which cannot be understood or explained by science. I thought Ben Stein’s “Expelled! No Intelligence Allowed” was an excellent treatment of the phenomenon. No wonder atheists hate it – it was singularly effective at challenging their dogmatic assumptions that led them to reject God but nonetheless accept all kinds of other wing-nut theories (crystals?) as to the origins of life and intelligence itself.

God lives. Of that, I have no doubt. Otherwise, there would be other animals besides man who understand beauty, love, and the transcendent power to be inspired and create with an awareness of the creative act itself.

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