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Ben Stein Reveals the Cult Who Hijacked Science

This is a devastating condemnation of the current scientific culture that equates “science” with agnosticism and outright atheism. The genius of Stein here is that he shows that even the top scientists in the world simply cannot answer the most essential existential questions, and yet they condemn the very ideas behind intelligent design without serious inquiry because, presumably, its adherents attempt to address those same existential questions in a rational manner that doesn’t fit the prejudices of those so-called leading scientists.

In fact, Stein shows that the whole debate is in essence a religious discussion with scientists using the notion of “science” as a dogmatic weapon against the heretics – in this case, believers. How ironic is that!

Stein shows how “science” has been hijacked by atheists and agnostics to support their own Godless worldview (crystals? aliens? how is that any more scientific than God?) What’s amazing is how oblivious some of these “scientists” are to the simple fact that science is about seeking the truth, not defending any particular theory or dogma.

Anyway, brilliant movie. Stein deserves an Oscar, which will NOT be forthcoming, because he too effectively devastates the sacred cows of Hollywood and post-modernism. He takes on Darwinism, atheism, and “science” with wit and intelligence – and wins. I love how the apologists for “science” who are attacking Stein with all of the ad hominem indignant vigor of a court of Inquisition.

Remember that episode of the office where Toby can’t bring himself to enter a church and instead wanders around out in the courtyard and finally ascends the steps and addresses his issues with God alone in the chapel? That reminds me of the scientists who can’t bring themselves to even consider the possibility that there is a God, because they have unresolved childhood issues with the church, their parents, or whatever. And when they describe why they are atheists, it seems like they always tell their “conversion story” of how they came to “see the light,” so to speak, and reject the “false notions of their fathers.”

Irony upon irony.

Thanks, Ben, for a stimulating and revealing look at a disfunctional modern cult – atheists who have hijacked science.

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