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Mormons Encouraged to Make Their Voices Heard But Aren’t Speaking for the Church

Great article in the Washington Post by Michael Otterson, the lead spokesperson for my church – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, specifying that members of the church – including, I presume, Glenn Beck, Harry Reid, Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman, Orrin Hatch, Gladys Knight, Steve Young, Danny Ainge, Jimmer Fredette, the Osmonds, the Marriotts, and many other famous Mormons – are encouraged by the church to “make their voice heard,” but “they do so without any pretense of speaking for other members of their faith or for the Church itself.”

That would definitely include me – if I say something valuable, it must be inspiration. If I say something you disagree with, that must be me. 🙂

Read the entire article here.

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  • Amer 7 Sep 2012, 12:34 am

    I remember tnichaeg a guy about our church and my friends kept telling him how big of a sacrifice it is to join our church. They emphasized over and over again how much time it takes. How we spend tons of hours serving, how we go visit one another, go to activities, are asked to teach at church, etc. etc. I seriously started panicking. I thought this guy would walk away thinking there is no way I want my life to be like that. He was already super busy with school and his life. I was wrong.He loved how much our church serves and helps one another. He loved the commitment. He loved the people and he joined the church and spends a lot of his time now serving in the church.From the outside, people think it’s a big commitment. But I think there is a paradox of choice happening in the world where people love to belong. They love to have good life guidelines. And they appreciate being in a community of love and support.