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House Unanimously Rejects Obama’s Budget; Non-Fox Media Blames Republicans

Congress rejected President Obama’s sham budget on a 414-0 vote. I would have thought the media would have focused on the fact that President Obama finally succeeded in fulfilling his campaign promise to bring both parties together.

But instead, they pulled out the standard template for anything Congress does: the Republican-led Congress is sabotaging the good of the country again. Here’re the headlines from the left-leaning media:

AP: “GOP-run House easily rejects Obama budget” in “vote forced by GOP lawmakers.”
Washington Post: “Republican-run House has overwhelmingly rejected” President Obama’s budget.
TIME: “Republicans are ready to ram through…an election-year, $3.5 trillion budget.”
LA Times: “House set to approve Rep. Paul Ryan’s controversial 2013 budget.”
New York Times: Not a word of the 414-0 vote on their web site, according to Google site: search for “414-0”

Just so you can compare with less biased headlines:

Fox News: “House easily rejects Obama budget in tactical vote”
Washington Times: “Obama budget defeated 414-0”
OpenMarket.org: “Obama Budget Rejected by House in 414-0 Vote”
NewsOK: “Obama budget fails 414-0 as Democrats bail”
TownHall.com: “Unanimous: Obama Budget Defeated 414-0”

Interesting, is it not?

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