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Windows 10 – Unidentified Network Limited Access Problem Fix

After checking my Windows 10 update notification screen every day since July 29th, Microsoft finally blessed me with the Windows 10 upgrade – even if only on my laptop.

My friend, John C. Dvorak, was “stunned” to “be “forced” to give Windows 10 a “rave review.” See his article.

It took a few hours, but went better than I had expected. Only ONE major glitch.

During the upgrade, it could find my SSIDs, but couldn’t connect. I skipped that part, and even after it was installed, refused to get an IP Address from the router. After an hour of troubleshooting – trying several suggested fixes from the Internet, including resetting the router, uninstalling anti-virus software, rebooting, uninstalling VPN software, etc., I reset my IP stack and rebooted and that did the trick. Happily connected now, just in time to start exploring the cool new stuff.

If you have the same problem, you can find the solution I used at:

Good luck with your upgrades, and enjoy!

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