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Privacy Policy

Dave Whittle respects your privacy.

In other words, I respect your right to read my blog openly without registering to do so. I respect you as a brother or sister and fellow child of God, and ask the same level of respect in return.

That means: please keep it civil whenever you express your own opinion.  I welcome disagreement so long as you do it without being disagreeable.

I let Akismet manage SPAM comments, so if you would like to comment, please address your comment directly at the post you’re commenting on, and reference said post in your comment somehow, so I’ll know to approve your post and so Akismet won’t flag it as SPAM.

If you provide me with your e-mail address, I promise to treat it with respect. I will never sell, trade, barter, or otherwise abuse your personal information. I will always treat your trust as a sacred honor.

So that’s my Privacy Policy. It’s based on the Golden Rule, which is about the only rule I truly love and try to follow no matter what the situation.